Accomplished Projects


Oil & Water separating system Crane structure check up service


General Maintenance Interior Machinery installation

C&J Tech

Structural steels Floor reinforcements Machinery Moving & Utilities General Maintenance work

Jindal Film Americas

Construction Management for new Building Expansion- 160,000SQF Structural steel work


Process water piping & air piping


Structural steels for overhead crane


Interior works General Maintenance work


Structural steels ILJIN USA, Gwinnett Plaza Place


Plant renovation: 150,000SQF Office renovation- 24,000SQF Machinery moving & utilities

Hyundai Mobis

Production line expansion – Bumper line Metal work: Mezzanine systems HVAC & Plumbing work


Metal work : Crane structure system Construction work: Restroom additions , parking lots, Storage building, CKD Building, Pallet storage building . Office additions and more General Maintenance works

Sewon America, INC

Production line marking with epoxy General Maintenance works Metal work : Stair, pallets.


Interior works Machinery moving & utilities Overhead crane system General Maintenance works

Hyundai Motors

ED Booth Expansion Metal work : Stair system, Platform , Structural fencing and more.


HVAC Metal Panel Stamping Shop Expansion phase #1 Paint Shop Expansion phase #1 Paint Shop- Platform modification and General Maintenance works Paint Shop: Dust protection system
C&J Tech : Demolition service
Projects 2013
KG Crane USA : Crane structure systems
AUTORICA- Interior project
TORO Construction: Roofing work
CNJ INC : General Maintenance work
HYUNDAI MOTORS : Structural fence system
Seoyon Ehwa Alabama : Construction works as floor reinforcement
Projects 2014
Hanna FA : Gas piping
MOBIS Georgia : Plumbing & HVAC
MOBIS Alabama : HVAC
SJA INC : Oil storage building
KIA PAINT – PAINT SHOP : General maintenance work
DaeHa America : General Maintenance work
Sesin Engineering, LLC : Structural steel
Hyundai Steel : Oil & Water separating system
CNJ INC – General Maintenance work
C&J Tech – General Maintenance work
Mando America Corp – G1 : Stair cases
Hyundai Poly Tech : Plant renovation & machinery moving service, Utilities
Projects 2015~2016
HS Automotive Alabama: Trans air piping
Seoyon Ehwa: Interior works, parking lot addition
Canopy addition, Building addition
SJA INC : office addition
KG Crane : crane structure systems
AJIN USA : office addition
KIA MOTORS : General Maintenance works
Hwasung Georgia: General Maintenance works
RACO Alabama : Industrial piping works
SL Alabama : Reinforcement work for crane structures
Jindal Films America LLC: Construction Management services and others
Projects 2017~2018
Gwinnet Plaza Place : Fabrication & installation of structural steel
RACO Alabama: Process water piping & air piping works
Hyundai Glovis : Interior works
SJA INC : office addition
SJA INC : Interior works
KG USA : Crane structure
Seoyon Ehwa: Restroom additions, Machinery moving service & utilities
K-9 Construction : Fabrication of Metal pallets
KIA MOTORS – Platform modification
Archiplan Group- Fabrication and installation of structural steel